Rossville Recycle and Compost Program

Recycle Program

The Recycle Program is available to all area residents 24 hours a day. This is located at the Agrico Building at 22 E. Ramey St. If there is not a volunteer in attendance, please separate your recyclables into the appropriate containers. Please do not leave your recyclables setting by the front door.

The items accepted include clear, green, and brown glass, all tin/steel cans, aluminum pop cans, beer cans, all plastics containing the recycling triangle withthe number 1 through 7, newspapers, magazines, cardboard, NiCad batteries, and wet cell batteries. PLEASE RINSE OUT ALL OF YOUR CONTAINERS.

Items not accepted at our facility for recycling include household trash, hazardous chemicals, stryofoam, oil cans, anti-freeze, light bulbs (regular or fluorescent), glass or ceramic dishes, plastic tarps or coverings, plastic bags, vinyl siding, appliances, electronic equipment, computers, tires, and paint.

Effective January 1, 2011, the State of Indiana made it illegal to discard electronics in your regular trash pick-up. All electronic waste such as TV, computers, answering machines, radios, stereos, cable and satellite receivers, etc. will no longer be picked up. Electronic items can be taken to the Wildcat Creek Waste Management Drop-Off Site at the Frankfort Street Department located at 905 Burlington Ave., Frankfort, IN. If you have questions regarding electronic disposal, contact Joel Freeman at 1-855-659-4257.

The Wildcat Creek Solid Waste Management advises you to call ahead to schedule an appointment and to learn how to properly transport hazardous materials. The Drop-Off Site will accept pesticides, fuels, solvents, spray cans, oil based paint, pool chemicals, fire extinguishers, acids, oxidizers, motor oil, antifreeze, oil filters, car batteries, propane tanks, mercury devices, mercury in jars, fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescents, rechargeable batteries, and wood preservatives.

Compost Program

The compost areas located at the Town Park are for use exclusively by residents located within the Town limits. This does not include individuals located in the County and have a Rossville mailing address. Any yard waste, such as leaves, tree limbs, and grass clippings should be taken to the Park. The compost area is located on the south end of the Town Park. Easy access to the compost area is off N. East St at E. Ramey St. One area is for tree limbs, sticks, and bushes. The other area is for leaves, old flowers, straw, and grass clippings.

Please empty the containers or bags you have brought your items in and take the containers or bags home with you. We will not accept any trash, carpet, furniture, or building materials such as roofing, concrete, or lumber at this location. Professional landscapers and tree trimmers are not allowed to use this site.

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