Rossville Area Police Department

Travis Harris Town Marshal
Joel Hargett Deputy Town Marshal
Jack Fingerle Deputy Town Marshal
Barth Mink Deputy Town Marshal
Ed Underwood Deputy Town Marshal
Colton Barker Deputy Town Marshal

Rossville Town Marshal's Office

The Rossville Police Department consists of two full time officers and four volunteer deputies. We have at the present time two patrol cars. The department is not a 24-hour police department. In order to provide as much coverage as possible, we have an excellent working relationship with the Indiana State Police and the Clinton County Sheriff's Department, both of which dispatch our people by radio when we are on duty or will send their people if we are not available. In turn, we will help either of those departments any time they ask and wherever they want us.

Non-Emergency 765-379-2183
Emergency 911
Fax 765-379-2411
Mailing Address P.O. Box 550
20 E. Ramey St.
Rossville, IN 46065 for complaints, tips, or request for other information

State Police

Non-Emergency 1-800-382-7537
Emergency 911
Road & Weather Information 1-800-261-7623

Clinton County Sheriff

Non-Emergency 765-654-5563
Non-Emergency 1-888-419-1212
Emergency 911

Clinton County Humane Society

Address Behind the Jaycee's Building on the north side of the TPA Park in Frankfort
Phone 765-654-7717
Website Clinton County Humane Society


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Fireworks Law in Indiana

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